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Advisory Board for Finnish PROs

Advisory board for Finnish PROs is a cooperation network of producer responsibility organizations (PROs) operating in Finland. We use our joint expertise to enable the efficient implementation of producer responsibility in Finland. 

In Finland the products in scope of producer responsibility include paper, electrical equipment, batteries and accumulators, tires and cars. In addition, beverage packages have their own deposit return system. The Finnish PROs have organized a nationwide collection network of tens of thousands of collection points. These include collection from municipal locations, store collection points and also collection from households and residential units.

Manufacturers, importers, distance sellers and packers of certain products are responsible for the waste management of their products. It makes recycling easy and efficient. The producer responsibility system works best when all producers work together for efficient circular economy. The goal of producer responsibility is to prevent the generation of waste and the littering of the environment and to promote the utilization of waste.

Producer responsibility applies to these products:

  • Batteries and accumulators (incl. inside vehicles and electrical equipment)
  • Vehicles
  • Packaging
  • Paper and paper products
  • Tyres
  • Electrical and electronic equipment

According to the national Waste Act, manufacturers, importers, distance sellers and packers (whose turnover exceeds EUR 1 million per year) of the above-mentioned products have both an obligation and the right to organise the waste management of their products when they are decommissioned. Producer responsibility covers the collection, transport and waste treatment/recycling of the products. Parallel waste collection systems may only be established in cooperation with the producer.